painted fields

the story behind my photo, painted fields:

Painted Fields Vertical.jpg

Across the Cape, there’s known to be,

A gnome with paints, who’s hard to see,

Each year around the mid July,

He starts his work in fields, no lie.

Dancing, prancing, palette in hand,

The little artist smears the land,

Plants of green now turned to yellow,

“Come with me, let’s find this fellow!”

Into the car, we drove for hours,

Off to fields of vibrant flowers,

“But Sir, when will you come to slow?”,

I whispered, “oh the land will glow”.

And lo, reflecting in my eye,

‘Twas not just land, but painted sky.

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·    Camera: Nikon D850

·    Lens: Sigma Art 24mm-70mm f2.8

·    Tripod: Manfroto

·    Filter Used: Lee Filter - 0.9 ND soft grad

·    ISO: 64 Shutter Speed: 1/15th sec Aperture: f11 focus stacked Zoom: 36mm