into the heavens

the story behind my photo, into the heavens:

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Majestic. adj

     beautiful, powerful, or causing great admiration and respect

I stood still as the wind whirled around me, rain drops tapping me on my face. The silent mountains towered before me. Majestic. Mysterious. They beckoned me. 

The great waterfall, nestled in their heart, cascaded downward; untamed, alive, free.

Clouds dancing above, the ancient mountains stretched their hands Into the Heavens.

I pressed the shutter.

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·    Camera: Nikon D850

·    Lens: Sigma Art 24mm-70mm f2.8

·    Tripod: Manfroto

·    Filter Used: Lee Filter - 0.9 ND soft grad

·    ISO: 64 Shutter Speed: 1/20th sec Aperture: f11 Zoom: 38mm pano