tusks & trunks

the story behind my photo, tusks & trunks:

Barren Lands.jpg

The challenge of shooting at a location that has already been well photographed by others, is finding an image to call your own, not settling for the easy frame, but working the land, finding the unique, crafting the uncaptured, and telling an untold story.

As I stepped carefully around Theewaterskloof Dam, cautious of not leaving footprints where an image might exist, I was stopped instantly by this  captivating branch, or in my mind, ancient elephant Tusks.

The lonely trunks I had seen, but the dramatic elephant tusks I had not. Though they just lay there, they were all but silent. Listening carefully, I heard them whisper, “where has all the water gone?”

There was a pause. The wind quieted.

“Please … bring it back.”

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·    Camera: Nikon D850

·    Lens: Sigma Art 24mm-70mm f2.8

·    Tripod: Manfroto

·    Filter Used: N/A

·    ISO: 64 Shutter Speed: 1/20th sec Aperture: f13 Zoom: 24mm